Bio filter

Filter grounds

Hard wood rusts

Since 25 years this kind of ground has been used. It exists out of prefabricated elements, which are laid on the timber system. This ground is suitable for every filter size.

Different completions with different load capacity are available.

Synthetic rusts

A ground, which was processed with us, has been in use for over 15 years. This system is put together out of triangles and can be installed up to a height of one metre.

The ground is passable with a weel loader of three tons. It is used preferably for small or medium-sized plants.

Concrete rusts

On request we deliver concrete rusts to our clients. We purchase them from partnering companies and install them locally.

Composting tiliings

This synthetic ground ist frequently used in composting plants as aeration floor. Also in bio filters this ground can be used. It exist out of prefabricated elements, which are laid on an attached underground.