Bio filter

What is a Bio Filter and where can it be used?

Bio filters are used for decreasing the waste air in different areas. Its application can predominantly be found where boigenic odour is set free.

Manner of function

The manner of function of a bio filter is very simple. The polluted air is exhausted out of the factory building by a ventilator. It gets to the washer via pipes. There, with the helf of water, dust and pollutants are eroded. From there, the polluted air arrives through the ventilator into the pressroom of the bio filter.

Then, the exhausted air wanders trough the filter media into the open air. The bacteria and microorganisms inside the filter media corrode and clean the exhausted air.

Areas of application

For over than 30 years bio filters are used for arganic air exhaust treatment.

  • agriculture
  • composting plants
  • purification plants
  • dead animal removal
  • fish-processing industry
  • beer yeast processing
  • biogas plant
  • food waste utilisation
  • polymer processing
  • also coffee roaster and breweries