Bio filter

Bio filter service

Planning - Measurements - Examination

In cooperation with partnering companies we conduct all kinds of measurements concerning the bio filter. We also offer the examination of the filter material as well as the sludge out of the pressroom.

Glady we offer you consulting and assistance in your planning process for new plants as well as reconstruction or expansion of old plants.


As with all things, the ravages of time take their toll on the bio filter.

Here also regular maintenance and inspections have to be performed. The filter material has to be checked on moisture, temperature and decomposition. Also the air washer has to be inspected on its proper function.

Filter replacement

Over the time the filter m aterial is subverted and as a result loses its effect. This happens sooner or later depending on the maintenance of the bio filter.

The time for replacing the bio filter is recognizable by the occurring odour and a very high workload for the ventilator, which means the counter pressure is too strong. In this case a filter replacement is needed.

We offer following works:

  • Testing fort he presence of harmful substances of the old material
  • Professional removal of salvage
  • Transport and professional disposal
  • Broom-clean cleaning of the aeration floor
  • On request cleaning of the pressure room
  • Laying of a safety net and a new wall effect foil
  • Professional installation of new material

All kinds of filter: container filter, high filter or hall filter. We offer the right machinery for every kind of filter. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult you.

Filter replacement Filter replacement Filter replacement Filter replacement Filter replacement


With the time, a need for renovation of older plants arises. the waste air which can be very aggressive, attacks the bio filter.

We offer you a complete renovation of older bio filter plants as well as the

  • removal and disposal of salvage
  • removal and disposal of the olf aeration floor
  • complete cleaning of the concrete tank
  • coating with acidproofed foil
  • construction of a new aeration floor
  • filling of the bio filter with new material

We offer all works concerning the renovation of bio filter plants. Feel free to contact us, we will glady consult you.

Renovation Renovation Renovation Renovation Renovation Renovation

Replacement Parts

Certainly we supply replacement parts for the rust grounds out of hardwood or synthetic material. If you require any part for the bio filter, feel free to contact us.

If anything is damaged, we supply you tih replacements as for example hardwood boards for entry gates, nozzles, wirings, for the sprinklings system, foil for coating the outer walls or the gates, etc.

Replacement parts Replacement parts Replacement parts Replacement parts