Bio filter


Wall effect foil

Foil in 0,50 m width, which runs lateral on the rost bottom. This is used to minimize the wall effect. Herebly the waste air is prevented from taking the easy way along the wall.


A net stretched over the rost bottom, which minimises the failing of fine pieces into the pressure room. This net can be installed over rost bottoms. The usage of this net pays off during the filter replacement as less waste reaches into the pressure room.

Coconut mat

The mat made out of coconut fibres, which is laid on the top of the filter material, is used for protection against dehydration and vegetation. It is ideal for bio filter, which stand in the sun during the summer time or in the near of wood.


On request we offer a sprinkling system for the bio filter. Herebly ideal moisture in the bio filter can be guaranteed. Optionally a system at the pool edge or on the filter material is installed.

Different ways can be realised, also with complete controlling if requested.